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Conference theme

Recruiting and Educating the Best Teachers: Policy, Professionalism and Pedagogy


The Teacher Education Policy in Europe (TEPE) network is an academic network that builds on the previous European collaborative projects in the field of teacher education policy - TNTEE and EUDORA. The annual conference brings together educational researchers, policy makers, teachers and practitioners from Europe and beyond.  The conference programme will include keynote speeches, plenary sessions and parallel thematic sessions.
The theme of the conference Recruiting and Educating the Best Teachers: Policy, Professionalism and Pedagogy will enable the discussion of teacher education policy in Europe and beyond. At the TEPE 2018 conference there will be opportunities to discuss key issues related to the recruitment, selection and education of teachers focusing particularly on the dimensions of policy, professionalism and pedagogy. This event will bring together a number of experts: from representatives of universities to governmental and non-governmental institutions, as well as policy makers, researchers, teacher educators, teachers and all those interested in teacher education policy, research and practice.  
The following five sub-themes have been established to explore this general theme:

Sub-theme 1.  Policy in Recruiting and Educating the Best Teachers 
Papers under this sub-theme focus on issues of how to recruit and educate the best teachers, including, amongst other features, criteria and procedures for teacher recruitment, content and form of curriculum of teacher education, structure and policies of teacher education. 


Sub-theme 2.  Professionalism and the Education of the Best Teachers
This sub-theme includes papers related to teachers’ knowledge, competencies and standards that might be considered relevant to the education of teachers.  


Sub-theme 3.  Pedagogy of Teacher Education
This sub-theme includes papers related to teacher educators’ practices and also to the key distinctive features of pedagogy of teacher education. 


Sub-theme 4. Research and Practice in Teacher Education
This sub-theme focuses on specific issues in teacher education that have been widely considered to be key elements in teacher education: the practice and the research dimensions. 


Sub-theme 5. Teacher Evaluation and Professional Development 
This sub-theme focuses on policies and practices related to the evaluation of teachers and to their professional development.